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Kenzie & Chloe

MacKenzie and Chloe, also known as Kenzie & Chloe, are a couple of millennials who grew up in the Great Lakes Bay Region. Video editing and producing have become a passion for both of them over the last three years, filming their trips in Northern Michigan, Tennessee and right here at home in the Great Lakes Bay Region.  Kenz eats a mostly plant-based diet, while Chlo enjoys just about everything!  

With over 2,000 subscribers on YouTube and a combined following of almost 3,000 on Facebook, they want to show more and more people in the Great Lakes Bay Region what incredible places there are to eat, sleep, play and stay! 


A 30 something content creator and eclectic artist of sorts, Nate simply loves and craves to create. A Saginaw Native, husband and father of one, he puts his extraordinary talents to good use creating informative videos for YouTube focusing on tech trends of the moment.  But that’s not all. He also has a flair for video production, writing and producing music, graphic design, and video motion graphic design making Nate a Chowdown natural at presenting your business professionally on Chowdown video!